Upon Green Butterfly Wings…

This is a first-draft. Only took me about 20 minutes to write and is not final. Might add more. Let me know what you think and kudos if you guessed what it’s about without looking at the tags.

“Upon Green Butterfly Wings”

My spine cascades across the linens
Anticipating respite in my fantasies
The soft slab accepts my head
I beckon you to pull me in.

Your green butterfly wings
Illuminate my dark quarters
Vapor trail of neon particles
Guiding me into the black

I can feel the satin of your skin
Your fingers brushing my temples.
Numbing me.
I can feel you coursing through my veins
Your potency drowning my consciousness
Thoughts escaping.
I can feel you in my heart
Halting this hypertension
I am yours.
I can taste you on my lips
Your kiss floods my synapses.
I want more.

I beg you to take me away
Fly me home with you
The world can wait.
But, you refuse. You are
Mine for tonight, but
You belong to the pitch—
To old Mr. Sandman.

When I awake in the morning
You’ll leave nothing but
A bad after-taste
Headache, dizziness, slight
Nausea, impaired coordination.
And a failing heart.
Until we meet next.
Until I can consume you again.