Most curious crop,
May I question what you do
When you’ve bloomed—when you

Arch your back and spew?
Do you heal us with milk or
Do we lick your wound?

Darling enigma,
Even our creator asks
What to make of you.

His debate is waged
With the endless choice of your
Definitions two:

Inspiration: For
You help with what’s inside though
You are hideous

You offer nest to
Spiders, yet never yourself
Are insidious.

Irony: Curing
Rashes and sore throats while you
Look like a blister.

Dressed a flower, but
Named “touch-me-not,” mocking like
A little sister.

Your first name: Jewel
Juxtaposed with surname: Weed
Constant reminder:

Through all the rubble,
The onus of your judgment
Lies with the finder.

You are a leper
Healing leprosy; Broken
Image who amends.

You accept your faults,
But you realize other
Ways you can turn heads.