Climbing Nightshade

Climbing Nightshade

A mischievous child
Ran wild through the thickets.
It was past his bedtime when
He stumbled upon you.

But you knew this, didn’t you?
Beautiful matron of silence
Adorned in your amethyst gown.
Emanating the comforts of

A single-starred night’s sky.

You saw the fuss he made
Pulling the earth from his fresh scab
So you caught him in your eternal gaze
And a hush fell over him.

His hands reached out
To the light cotton behind your ears
And rubbed it between his fingers
As a lullaby entered his restless mind.

You let down your lapel
Revealed your golden nipple
Climbing your shade
His lips pursed to accept your sustenance.

And as he nodded, a final look was cast
Never crying, no longer given the cause
All his fear and pain had come to pass
This sweet dreamer rests without pause

Guardian of sleep, keep him cradled in the night
You gently stole the day from his eyes,
Painted the skies with their curious light
Now his mother is the only one who cries


“The Locket”

RIP KP 1998-2009 I still miss ya buddy…  ❤

“The Locket”


Clench my fists, to protect the memory like a locket

That carries your heart vicariously through my struggles.

Don’t you know they belong to us both?

For when I am caught in the undertow, your kindness

Is what brings me safely to the surface

And I see your smiling face, never disappointed.


Little brother your eyes are gleaming, reflecting

The sand beneath your toes

And we tread the water and jump into the ocean

indifferent to where it goes.


Time is short and fleeting, but a ripple in the pond

That gently carries consciousness like lily pads.

Don’t you know that we’re all lost?

And when I saw you for the last time on that table

With serenity in your eyes, you kissed my cheek

As unafraid you found your way and said you’d wait for me.


Little brother, sleep with your eyes open

Welcoming the Earth as your new home-

The freest permanent arrangement

Where your child’s soul may roam.



Now I fight my way, memories all I have to fend off

Reason and judgment which haunt me so

Don’t you know the struggle? No?

Perhaps it’s too much to ask that you come back,

In fact it’s downright insane, nevermind.

I’ll just forgive you for leaving me behind.


Little brother, oh dear prince

I’ll spread your ashes off the coast

And of all the things you taught me

I’ll remember love the most

And when the waves take me away

I’ll know the path I never chose

Because we’ll float the same hand in hand

Indifferent to where it goes.