White Baneberry

White Baneberry

Upon your lonesome shelf you sit
Buttercup collector of dust,
Your caustic taste resting
Bitter upon the lips of
Any fool who’s had the
Misfortune of sharing a kiss.

You dole out the punishment
Because you feel you deserve it
Do unto others
As you would have them
Do your best
To do your worst
And be the same monster
Poisoning your memory.

Do you sleep
With your doll’s eyes
Always open, always knowing
For all that you try and
For all of your vigilance
Even a thousand glued-on eyes
Can never relive your shattered past—
Can never un-see?


One thought on “White Baneberry

  1. Clever use of the name of this plant. (I confess. I had to look it up but it works so well.) The linking of the name and appearance of the plant with the pain this woman both suffers and causes.

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