Ghost Flower

Ghost Flower

There beneath the beech trees
Embalmed in the moss and leaves I
Thought I saw you
Wilting in a white dress. You
Looked as though you were
Left at the altar
Some time ago
A corpse in a forest
Cursed to sustain herself and
Never grow. You will take others
For your host but
Never have much to show.
They will look past your surface and see
There is nothing sweet inside
They will suck you til their fits are quelled
And leave you hanging dry.

And what do you do?
Keep your true colors
The resplendent pinks and blues
Hidden in your empty veil
Of pallid hues and
Content yourself with being a parasite
Existing only in the comfort of
Somebody else’s life until
They reach back
And you turn black and
You wither and die.

I thought I saw you kneeling
I thought I heard your cry.
Did you want the world to stop
When it kept on passing you by?

No, ghost flower.
Your prayers will go unanswered.
I have seen your story and
Only heaven knows why
When the smoke clears and I
Awake from this dream
I will swear I’ve seen you
Somewhere, everywhere
And I will take a look in the mirror
And watch you disappear
You will remember and you
Will be forgotten by all
Except for me.


One thought on “Ghost Flower

  1. My, this is sad. A woman who has no inner resources to sustain herself after disappointment. The imagery is powerful and unified.

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