“Life in a Sandbox”

Again, first-draft. Feedback/comments appreciated.

“Life in a Sandbox”

Little red lights swimming
Through pale waves
A pair of shoes flickering
Like dying stars with each step
Falling upon infinite grains
Advertising the arrival
Of a hopeful child
Of a dazzling diamond in the sand

Child runs,
Shoelaces askew
Trips, presses his lips
To his fresh boo-boo.
For a moment a tear
Trickles from his eyes
But before it meets his cheeks
He’s already said goodbye.

No matter; his focus is strong
Child knows not to linger too long
The window of opportunity shutters itself
Whilst inaction opposes what you feel
Today he stands with angels
A stairway to the heavens, his perfect wealth
A serpentine scrap of steel

He wants to climb the ladder
He wants to test his fate
He wants to rise above
He wants to be great
Child waits his turn,
Dreams of the delights ahead
Oh, to fulfill his fantasies!
Oh, to live eternal amongst the dead!

Child glimpses a girl
Tentatively tiptoeing the brink
Afraid to descend
When a boy in black sneaks
Behind, thrusting her over the edge.
Mortified, she screams
The one in black laughs and
Swiftly flees the scene.

What is this strange feeling?
What so haunts my dreams?
Can it be there’s more to this
Then at first it seems?
I never knew the dangers
When only pleasure was to seek
From the valley I was fearless
But at the summit I’ve grown weak.

As his thoughts shuffled
His body continued climbing
And before he had time to contemplate
Child reached the top.
He was a bit relieved
He was utterly petrified
He was extremely ecstatic
It was his time to ride.

Child heard steps approaching
The child in black, he knew
An icy breath slithered down his neck
Not knowing what to do;
To beat the push to shove
Or to accept the force
The ends were unknown, yet
Unwavering was his course.

So Child sat and glided down
And left behind his restless frown
When he looked back upon a whim
He saw the child in black had joined him
Child laughed and knew his call
Was simply to enjoy his fall.
And he never noticed as he finished sinking
His light-up sneakers were no longer blinking.