“Alliteration Aside”

“Alliteration Aside”

First & foremost, follow imposing inquisitions into

My melodramatic mind wherein wills were

Force-fed from hollow hearts

So selfish stances ran rampant, rudely recognized, relinquishing

Any and all ties to truly endeavoring emotions

Mistakenly marking maintained mishaps: Long-lost love.

Angel altering adolescent apathy, shaking like shingles

Enduring earthquakes, tried to tell truth, too trembling to

Be believed. Dropping down, descending,

decrees. Ushering ultimatums.

I impart ill-informed wisdom (whispers), being but infected idolatries

Fraught from feigned feelings.

Can’t comprehend: Cavalier carcass, an austere apparition,

Specter so somber having had life losing last light and so sight

Forgot frivolous forevers felt not noticing nothing past present

Then thought the revelation — rendering relationships but

Broken bonds. Believing not in inspirations ends enfold

Became burdened, buried beneath massive means.

Don’t dare damn dissent, dear! Drown distrust.

Deviations display darling differences, dissonance

Makes marvelous masks of mundane. Remembering roots

grow greatest going avidly apart, will wisely widen

Tree’s trunks to strengthen some similar base because

Life’s losses love being brought back around again.


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